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Master Rhidoy Biswas

Master Rhidoy Biswas is just a 3 yr old kid and is suffering from Burkitt’s Lymphoma stage IV( blood cancer). He is undergoing treatment at Saroj Gupta Cancer centre and research institute, Kolkata.with a good chance of recovery. To continue his treatment for better survival , the estimated cost of treatment is Rs.2,05,000 Lakhs which is impossible for the family to afford as his father earns on

Total Requirement: Rs.205000.00
Amount Received: Rs.1000.00
Amount Required: Rs.204,000.00
Mast. Pravash Mondal

Mast. Pravash Mondal, 5 yrs old has been diagnosed with B cell - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Cancer).Presently the child is undergoing treatment at Saroj Gupta Cancer centre and research institute, Kolkata. The good news is that he is responding well to the treatment but requires an amount of Rs.1.5 Lakhs for a duration of one year. Pravash’s father is a carpenter in his village earning only

Total Requirement: Rs.150000.00
Amount Received: Rs.0
Amount Required: Rs.150,000.00
Harshid  Surve

Harshid Surve is just a 6 year old kid suffering from T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Blood Cancer) and has been started on treatment since 3rd March 2014. He has been advised Chemotherapy and the total estimated expense for the treatment is Rs 4 Lakhs. He is responding to the treatment but unfortunately his family cannot afford the expense. His father is a laborer in Gujarat earning only Rs.4000

Total Requirement: Rs.400000.00
Amount Received: Rs.0
Amount Required: Rs.400,000.00
Ms. Janani  Shri

Ms. Janani Shri is just a kid suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is undergoing treatment at Meenakshi mission hospital and Research centre since September 2013 but the total cost of her treatment is Rs 3,00,000 only .Janani requires to continue her treatment for better survival.They reside in Madurai and her father is only a coolie with a monthly income of Rs 5000/-.He is the only br

Total Requirement: Rs.300000.00
Amount Received: Rs.0
Amount Required: Rs.300,000.00
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