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Master Saurabh Satvase

Master Saurabh is diagnosed with blood cancer. He has been advised chemotherapy and supportive care for which the total expense is Rs. 4 Lakhs. His father is only a daily wage worker with a monthly income of not more than Rs.3000 only. He has neither any savings nor any source for the same. This kid has a bright chance of getting cured if treated on time.

Total Requirement: Rs.400000.00
Amount Received: Rs.10000.00
Amount Required: Rs.390,000.00
Master. Shibu Bera

Master. Shibu Bera is a 10 yr old kid suffering from blood cancer.He is in great need of treatment.They are from the rural remote area of West Bengal, his father a rickshawpuller with a monthly income of Rs 2500 only.It is needless to say that they belong to the below poverty line category and cannot afford the treatment expense. Please come up to help them with as much money as you can. Our effor

Total Requirement: Rs.100000.00
Amount Received: Rs.0
Amount Required: Rs.100,000.00
Master. Samarth  Chavan

Master. Samarth Chavan is a 8 yr old kid suffering from blood cancer. He is on chemotherapy and responding well to the treatment, has bright chance of getting cured. The total expense for the treatment is Rs.3.5 Lakhs for 3 years. His father is a farmer with a yearly income of Rs.60,000/-only .He has to support a family of 5 members. They cannot afford the cost of treatment and are in immense n

Total Requirement: Rs.350000.00
Amount Received: Rs.0
Amount Required: Rs.350,000.00
Mast. Sonu  Kumar

Mast. Sonu Kumar 7 yrs old has been diagnosed with PNET (Cancer).Since 26th March 2013 the child is undergoing treatment at Saroj Gupta Cancer centre and research institute, Kolkata. The good news is that he is responding well to the treatment but requires an amount of Rs.1.62 Lakhs to continue his treatment . Sonu’s father is just a daily labourer in his village(Jharkhand) earning only Rs.2,

Total Requirement: Rs.162000.00
Amount Received: Rs.300.00
Amount Required: Rs.161,700.00
Ms Prajal  Ghalme

Ms Prajal Ghalme is only a 4 yr old kid and is suffering from Neuroblastoma (cancer).She is undergoing treatment with a good chance of recovery. She needs 6 cycles of chemotherapy and radiation and after 3 cycles of chemotherapy ,a surgery as well. Prajal requires to continue her treatment for better survival.She is the only child of her parents.They are farmers earning a yearly income of Rs 60,0

Total Requirement: Rs.100000.00
Amount Received: Rs.17000.00
Amount Required: Rs.83,000.00
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