Mast.Anish  Lolam

Mast.Anish Lolam is a 12 yr old kid suffering from blood cancer (A.L.L). He is presently undergoing chemotherapy in KEM Hospital and has a good chance of recovery. This blood cancer requires frequent short term and long term admission and treatment that includes radiotherapy. Children suffering from Leukemia respond very well to treatment and have a chance of full recovery. The total expense for the treatment is Rs. 4.50 Lakhs. His father,Mr Ganesh works in a printing press as a daily wage earner,earning Rs.6,000/- per month. Considering their poor financial condition, please gift life to Anish. Donate generously so that he can win his battle.

Total Requirement: Rs.450000.00
Amount Received: Rs.18700.00
Amount Required: Rs.431,300.00
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Donation Details
S.noDonors NameAmountDateComments
1Neeru Kapur1,100.0015-05-2015
2 1,100.0015-05-2015
3Prasanna  Kumar500.0029-11-2015
4Sathiyamurthy Manigandan L500.0030-11-2015
5Rishabh Aigal250.0001-12-2015
6Value Research10,000.0015-12-2015
7r a1,000.0029-12-2015
8Pissay Nataraj1,000.0001-01-2016
9Arun Nanjundaswamy5,000.0030-01-2016
10Yusuf Ali Rangwala786.0008-04-2016
11Praveen Yangam100.0010-04-2016
12 5,000.0010-04-2016
13Praveen Yangam100.0012-04-2016
14 100.0012-04-2016
15Praveen Yangam100.0012-04-2016
16 6,000.0012-04-2016
17Satish Dukhande5,000.0023-05-2016
18shruti almal500.0024-06-2016
19 500.0024-06-2016
20shruti almal200.0024-06-2016
21hgjh hjkh100,000.0018-07-2016
22Value Research (India) Pvt Ltd5,000.0014-09-2016
23 5,000.0014-09-2016
24Mary Elizabeth5,000.0025-10-2016
25Satish Dukhande1,000.0014-12-2016
26Vamsee Krishna M1,000.0003-04-2017
27Vamsee Krishna M1,000.0003-04-2017
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