Master Saurabh Satvase

Master Saurabh is diagnosed with blood cancer. He has been advised chemotherapy and supportive care for which the total expense is Rs. 4 Lakhs. His father is only a daily wage worker with a monthly income of not more than Rs.3000 only. He has neither any savings nor any source for the same. This kid has a bright chance of getting cured if treated on time.

Total Requirement: Rs.400000.00
Amount Received: Rs.10000.00
Amount Required: Rs.390,000.00
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Donation Details
S.noDonors NameAmountDateComments
1Krishna Veni4,000.0008-07-2014
2Ramesh Kumar1,000.0008-07-2014
3xyz abc500,000.0012-07-2014
4Value Research10,000.0021-07-2014
5a d3.0005-08-2014
6 1,000.0023-09-2014
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