2017.08.22 05:48:27

I am so glad that ‘toilets’ are receiving the importance thanks to the movie ‘toilet ki ek prem katha’. Here ‘s the reason why toilets should be demanded by every lady !

Cervical Cancer incidence and mortality is decreasing steadily.

However most of the reduction happened in the developed countries as this graph shows.(GLOBOCAN)

All this happened even before HPV vaccine was introduced . Even pap smear screening was not total in some countries.

How did this happen?

Its clear that improved personal hygiene due to access to toilets with privacy was an important factor . Personal genital hygiene in both men and women can reduce cervical cancer.

Just compare with the countries with least number of toilets per capita ( WHO/UNICEF)

All  in the areas with high cervical cancer.

Of course there are other factors like unprotected sexual activity and HPV does spread due to poor habits. There was a nice study way back in 1999 from Kerala, in a survey based in Trivandrum centre,  that highlighted the correlation of cervical dysplasia to  lack of access to hygiene with toilets, sanitary napkins etc .

Expensive vaccines and even more expensive population screening are not suitable for large rural populations like India and Africa.

The fact however is that the rural and urban poor ARE AWARE of the ill effects of poor hygiene but have no access to clean toilets

That’s a preventable tragedy!

Its time for action !! It’s time this basic need is ensured in every household

Conflict of interest:

I know Akshay Kumar but was neither influenced or approached to write. The  thought developed for sometime in discussion with Dr Anita Borges.

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2011.04.05 11:23:30

India Cancer thanks all the donors!

Www.indiacancer.org has had an incredible month.

Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the lives of a lot of children.

The funds raised will go towards helping the patients with a promising cure for cancer. That includes free surgery and hospital expenses; namely, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Let us assure you, you are making a huge difference!

Thank you for your very kind donation, which we received over the last month.

Thanks again for your kindness,

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2011.03.30 06:38:38

One wish @Rs. 100 and help a child fight cancer.

Today is one of the most awaited cricket world-cup matches – India vs. Pakistan. Sachin Tendulkar is
claimed to be “The God of Cricket”, the “Master Blaster”. Moreover, we all know that Sachin can score
a century with his eyes closed. In fact, Brain Lara (West Indies) once said: “I want my son to become
Sachin Tendulkar.”

Still, wishes do help. The entire www.indiacancer.org team and the patients that we have been able
to support; wish and bless Sachin and the Indian cricket team ‘best of luck’ for the match. You could
also bless them; by donating and helping a child to fight cancer. Go ahead, click here
and donate to bless them. Your donations can begin with something as low as Rs. 100,
after all, the amount doesn’t matter; the thought does.

These kids are very close to his heart; here is a video where Sachin was almost in tears, while a mother of a
cancer-afflicted-kid was thanking him: View here

We understand your apprehension and your doubts whether the money is going in the right hands.
If need be, we can provide you with all the details, photographs of the kids you have helped. More
importantly if you look at our Flickr album – you would see that Sachin himself has been supporting
Indiacancer.org with celebrity dinners, auctions etc.

Go India

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2011.01.17 13:39:26

Crusade Against Cancer Foundation along with Standard Chartered Bank
, Mumbai participate in Mumbai Marathon to support the cause
‘Crusade Against Cancer’


View More Photos



16 January 2011, Mumbai : Seventeen Standard Chartered Bank Employees
Mumbai along with Crusade against Cancer Foundation, one of the leading
support groups dedicated to support cancer Patients, participated in The Mumbai
Marathon event to support cancer patients.

“Active participation in Mumbai Marathon should be promoted, as they create
awareness among general public about Wellness and Social issues are also
supported”, said Mr Kunal Shetty Relationship manager Standard Chartered
Bank Mumbai.

The enthusiasm of the Standard Chartered Bank employees was praiseworthy,
they were very happy to run for Crusade Against Cancer Foundation and be a
part of a noble cause of supporting the financial needs of poor Cancer Patents.

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2010.12.22 09:35:16

Sachin’s 50th ton raises hopes for cancer kids

The Times of India (Tuesday December 21,2010)

Let's join hands and pledge to save at-least 50 lives by june.



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2010.12.20 00:00:00

Here is a letter we received from Priyanka K from Texas, it was such a refreshing and sensitive thought and I must share with you.

From: Priyanka…@....
To: indiacancer@gmail.com
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 15:22:01 -0500
Subject: Wedding Donations

I am Priyanka I am getting married this year in December. My fiance and I have jointly decided that we will contribute the gifts we collect (cash) at our wedding to a noble cause. We are currently looking for trusts and foundations who can fulfill this wish. We thought your society would be a good fit to serve this cause. I have looked at the website and am much impressed. Kindly guide us to make a difference in somebody's life.
Thank you.

Sugar Land, TX

All of us have attended weddings, sometimes they are lavish and many times the gifts given are not of great use to the couple. Don’t you think that we can have such pragmatic and wonderful approach for starting a married life together! Just imagine a wedding card which reads

At the end of the day your guest is happy that he has given something and you are happy that you have given something to society. Imagine the good wishes you receive for this simple and touching gesture. In fact such good thoughts and deed from ordinary people keep the world going. I definitely feel that this is a message which needs to spread across the whole world, India or abroad.

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2010.11.03 11:12:36

komal said...
Hello sir/madam,
This is regarding help for the cancer patient, i m extremly sorry to say that from last 1year i have being watching the same children's pic in beneficiaries. This shows how helpful u are. Pl try to understand the problems of other people who r suffering. I know this comment is not at all important for u people, but still i m trying. i m a Journalist from very reputed channel and want to flash this negligiance towards suffering childrens.Mr sachin Tendulkar has to take some actions regarding such negligiance and slow work, as he is the brand ambassador. This is truly very disheartend. pl do the needful as soon as possible, because every child needs some help. Ur institution would be really blessed. I hope u all people who r really appointed for this good cause may take necessary actions and help the childrens. Thanks.....

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2010.11.03 11:07:20

Here is a NRI with a large heart. Mr. Tushar Pujara is a businessman in Kenya whose family underwent treatment in India. During the course of treatment he realized that many patients who are less fortunate need help and support.

He identified Project Sahayata for partnering the cause of helping cancer patients and made a generous donation of USD 10000 which would be kept in the form of corpus deposit and the patients will be supported.

It is also a matter of great pride that the family based in Kenya has undertaken major social upliftment programs in Kenya for the local population which makes it truly global in its outlook.

We wish the Pujara family in the very best of health and thank them for their generosity to help the cause.

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2010.09.14 09:53:32

Four riders from different walks of life, a mammoth 2000 km cycle ride in India.... Jason Luckett, Christopher Seymour, James Eyre and Rita Chow

In September these 4 riders will leave Mumbai, and pedal South as far as possibly can – all the way to Kanyakumari on the southernmost tip of India. Slightly further than from London to Rome, and a lot further than our average commute to work, we will brave the heat, mosquitoes, exhaustion (and a little bit of saddle sore) on the venture. En route we will push on through dusty coastal roads, tropical inland forests and colourful bustling cities, before climbing up into the steep Western Ghat mountains.

So, why are they doing it? Apart from an insane desire to pretend that they are still young, they are also raising awareness and sponsorship for both Alex Jones and the brain tumour charity brainstrust. We also hope to promote the idea that people should not have to pay the costs of their own cancer treatment.

Jason Luckett, Christopher Seymour, James Eyre and Rita Chow have taken mammoth step in helping their 34-year-old friend Alex Jones.

A small brief about Alex:

Alex has been fighting his own private battle with brain tumours and cysts the majority of his adult life, undergoing a series of 14 operations. He fought back, and incredibly raised over £20,000 for the Brain & Spine Foundation by running two London Marathons in 2004 and 2005. After a biopsy in September 2008, an astrocytoma brain tumour of an unknown kind was discovered in his cerebellum.

Alex'es consultants have told him that due to the awkward location of the new tumour, it is not treatable by conventional radiotherapy or surgery. So they have referred him to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for the Proton Therapy he needs to save his life. This extremely precise procedure allows treatment of the tumour with little or no collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.

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