Dr. Sanjay Kapoor's Views

Cancer is the epidemic of today!
And it is different from most of the other major, serious and chronic illnesses, in many ways
  • It can strike at any age
  • Often grows silently
  • Treatment is prolonged, involving different specialties and even expensive
  • Cancer can be cured ,if detected early
  • Prevention of cancer is mandatory to decrease incidence
  • Cancer patients and their relatives ,need great moral and psychological support during treatment
  • Patients need life long Follow up
The incidence of cancer is increasing in India too. The problems being faced in India, in cancer care are
  • Extensive use of cancer causing agents
  • Ignorance about cancer
  • Reluctance of patients to seek medical assistance
  • Inadequate medical care
  • Insufficient knowledge about cancer ,in the health workers in rural areas
  • Improper initial treatment
  • Reporting late at concerned Centre for treatment
  • Inadequate cancer treatment facilities

Essential basic steps in fighting the battle of cancer are
  • To create cancer Awareness amongst general population
  • To educate the cancer patients and their relatives about the treatment
  • And to educate the medical personal at the primary health centre about early detection of cancer
Keeping these aspects and aims ,we are starting a series of weekly articles, to speared cancer awareness .Anyone can feel free to raise a doubt, on the site, or forward the query to me

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